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About SATA


Slovak Association of Travel Agents is the only self-regulation body in this industry. With some 150 members and 90-95 percent of the industry turnover covered, the Association is one of the most influential non-government bodies in the tourism sector.

Mission and activities
The SATA is a democratic and voluntarily organisation, incorporated in a legal form of Civic Association (non-profit body). The Association has several major tasks and activities:
  • to promote business interests of the SATA members
  • to lobby for the members' interests with the State authorities and other relevant bodies
  • to co-operate with the State authorities in field of elaboration of travel and tourism related laws and regulations
  • to develop business and policy contacts with travel and tourism bodies in Slovakia and abroad
  • to promote fair competition on the travel and tourism market
  • to disseminate relevant information on travel tourism business
  • to watch fair execution of Conduct of Business Rules and Business Ethics
  • to advise customers and public on relevant travel and tourism topics
  • to promote fair handling with the customer comments and complaints
  • to represent Slovak travel agents with similar travel and tourism associations abroad

Mission and activities of the Slovak Association of Travel Agents are stated in Article 2 of the SATA's Statute:

SATA's activities cover all Slovak territory. Main task of the Association is to promote tourism development in Slovakia. Increasing professional standards of the members and promotion and protection of its members' interests is a major professional duty SATA. These interests must be in accordance in accordance with SATA's major task - tourism promotion and increasing professional prestige.

As to implement the above-mentioned goal SATA
  1. represents and lobbies for its members' interests within the public sector. It proposes, initiates and co-operates in creation of law and economic regulations, which impact tourism industry.
  2. promotes good reputation and professional standard of the Slovak tourism industry in Slovakia and abroad. In accordance with law regulations, SATA combats market manipulation and applies following measures:
    • elaboration, implementation and pursuing general rules for tourism service provision by all the SATA members
    • collection, processing and dissemination of tourism information in general and information on travel agents in particular
    • provision of advisory services
    • providing arbitrage for the members concerned
    • submitting proposals with Small Business Offices on cancelling tourism business licences, if the law regulation was breached
  3. represents members' interests towards domestic and foreign business partners, clients and another persons, including professional associations (in transport, hotel sector, tourist guides, etc.).
  4. represents its members in international non-governmental tourism organisations
  5. provides for joint tourism promotion and public relations on major international events, according to the members' needs and instruments available
  6. initiates and co-operates in arrangement of tourism promotion activities, tourist fairs, conferences and seminars in particular.
  7. promotes increasing standards for tourism professionals in education and non-education sectors, co-operates with professional education facilities and initiates and/or organises professional seminars, courses and study stays for travel agents.

SATA - major milestones
1991 The Slovak Association of Travel Agents was founded
1992 SATA prepared a database of Slovak tourism enterprises and started issuing an Information bulletin. Initial seminars on business and tax topics were organised for the members.
1993 SATA became the National Travel Agent Association and entered the UFTAA/FUAAV. SATA started a permanent co-operation with the Ministry of Economy (Tourism Unit). First business trips on international travel exhibitions were organised. SATA signed a general agreement with the Union Insurance company on rules for travel insurance.
1994 SATA lobbied in government, parliament and media for decreasing the VAT rate in travel service. It also organised several seminars for members and participated on international exhibitions. SATA signed general with the Slovak Rural Tourism Association agreement participated on the UFTAA meeting in Sevilla.
1995 SATA prepared Task Force for Tourism Development, as basic material for lobbying. It signed agreements with Slovak Association of Cities and Villages and Slovak Tourism Agency. It launched several PR and media campaigns.
1996 Tourism Council was established by the Ministry of Economy, with SATA as a member. SATA started work on harmonising Slovak tourism laws with the EU directive No. 90/314/EEC. SATA co-operated with the National Bank on application of the Foreign Exchange Act and with the Tax Office, Police and Statistical Office on relevant topics of tourism development. SATA prepared Incoming Workshops in Denmark and Belgium. The Association co-operated with the ASTA and prepared several seminars on tourism marketing.
1997 SATA is member of the IATA and APJC. It passed Conduct of Business Rules with the Slovak Hotel and Restaurant Association. SATA signed official agreement with the Slovak Tourism Agency and published brochure and CD-Rom "Destination Slovakia" in co-operation with the EU-Phare program.
1998 SATA is official partner in the Slovakiatour international tourist exhibition. The SATA statute was amended and 3 sections established: the incoming section, the touroperator section and the retail section. Membership conditions were made more stringent.
1999 SATA has representative in the co-ordination committee in the Slovak Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications. An agreement on business professionals signed with the IATA. Seminars on travel agent insolvency organised for the members.
2000 SATA co-operated with the Slovak Ministry of Economy on preparation of the National Tourism Development Program. Co-operation with the Police and Ministry of Interior on border controls and visa regimes. Seminars on bus trips and business ethics organised for the members. Co-operation with the Austrian and Croatian National Tourism Agencies developed. Codex of Business Ethics passed by the members.
2001 SATA closely co-operated with the Ministry of Economy and Parliament on passing the Tourism Law (compatible with the 90/314/EEC directive of the EU). It also prepared new Statute of the SATA. The Association launched co-operation with the EU-Phare program and prepared its new webpage. SATA organised seminars for members on application of the Tourism Law and compliance with the European travel standards.




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