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Wien Holding - aktuálne podujatia

27.9.2016 Vážení členovia SACKA, organizátori výletov za kultúrou do Viedne. Nižšie nájdete aktuálnu ponuku podujatí Wien Holding.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Wien Holding’s four museums in Vienna offer culture to admire and experience: Mozarthaus Vienna, Mozart’s only surviving apartment in the city, Haus der Musik, an interactive sound museum, Kunst Haus Wien with the Hundertwasser Museum, and the Jewish Museum Vienna in Palais Eskeles and Museum Judenplatz. It also offers grand opera at Theater an der Wien, world-class musicals at Raimund Theater and Ronacher, top stars and events in Wiener Stadthalle and the popular Twin City Liner high-speed catamaran and the pleasure ships of DDSG Blue Danube.

A representative of Vienna Holding's Cultural Enterprises will be attending GEM 2016 in London to present you the various offers. Please find further information at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/70wcygtfb2y5fa0/Ruh3f0JxGi/Tourismus%20Wien%20Holding%20Kulturcluster
Current programs, upcoming exhibitions and special offers by Wien-Holding Cultural and Tourism Enterprises
Jewish Museum Vienna
The permanent exhibition “Our City! Jewish Vienna – Then to Now” at the Jewish Museum Vienna takes visitors from the present to the past and not only offers a comprehensive survey of the Vienna’s Jewish history but also presents the Museum’s extensive collections, rearranged and placed in a new context, in the Visible Display. Museum Judenplatz, located close to Rachel Whiteread’s Shoah memorial, features the impressive foundations of the medieval synagogue and an exhibition on Jewish life in the Middle Ages. Both museums also have several fascinating temporary exhibitions every year.
This year the fall exhibition at Palais Eskeles is devoted to Jewish female artists in a male-dominated world of fine and applied arts, recalling many unjustifiably forgotten Viennese female painters and sculptors. “The Better Half: Jewish Female Artists Before 1938” (from November 4, 2016) also documents how the arrival of the Nazis interrupted and put an end to many of these careers.
Contact: Alfred Stalzer
Tel.: +43 1 505 31 00, pr@stalzerundpartner.com
Mozarthaus Vienna
At the Mozarthaus Vienna visitors can explore the only Vienna apartment of Mozart´s that has been preserved, where he lived from 1784 to 1787 and composed more music than anywhere else! Around this flat, a comprehensive presentation of the times in which Mozart lived and of his most important works, spread over three exhibition levels, awaits Mozart fans, young and old, from all over the world. The exhibition is focused on the great composer´s Vienna years, which represent the peak of his creative achievement. In addition to the permanent exhibition, a special exhibition also takes place in the Mozarthaus Vienna, which changes each year and is included in the price of admission.
The special exhibition for 2017 deals with the subject of “Mozart and his Viennese Networks” and particularly with the skillful “business strategy” of the musical genius. There is also a museum shop and the Bösendorfer-Saal concert and event location. Beside many events and concerts there can also be arranged special packages for groups.

Contact: Nina Nöhrig
Tel.: +43-1-512-17-91-30, n.noehrig@mozarthausvienna.at

Haus der Musik
Haus der Musik offers – metaphorically speaking – musical language courses and hopes to play a role in helping its visitors to speak as well as understand the language of music. This is achieved through experience zones on five floors, which have been structured according to the latest scientifc, technical and tonal insights.
Haus der Musik in cooperation with the Lang Lang International Music Foundation presents the music education project STAIRPLAY - MUSIC STEP BY STEP. Discover, experience and understand the world of notes in just a few short minutes - step by step. With STAIRPLAY you will learn in a new, playful, simple and elementary way. The piano keys are arranged here in the form of a musical staircase, on which you can play notes, create music and discover new sounds, over and over again.
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With STAIRPLAY you will learn the basics of musical notation and get to know, how to use it. Take control of the musical staircase and enter the world of music!
Contact: Helmut Lenhardt
Tel.: +43 1 513 48 50 30, helmut.lenhardt@hdm.at
Vereinigte Bühnen Wien
RAIMUND THEATER – SCHIKANEDER – “the turbulent love story behind The Magic Flute” is a romantic musical comedy which celebrates its world premiere in Vienna. This is the story of the unconventional marriage between the actor, singer, director, writer and stage manager Emanuel Schikaneder and his wife Eleonore, the relationship between them and their impact to the artistic scenes of the time. Without it, one of the greatest opera libretti of all time – “The Magic Flute” – would never have been written. For further information visit schikaneder.musicalvienna.at
RONACHER - DON CAMILLO & PEPPONE - Two prestigious cultural institutions, the Vereinigten Bühnen Wien (VBW) and Theater St. Gallen, will jointly bring the classic musical DON CAMILLO & PEPPONE to the stage in January 2017. For further information, visit doncamillo.musicalvienna.at
THEATER AN DER WIEN: The Theater an der Wien is one of the most beautiful theatres in Vienna and is among those with the richest history. Built in 1801 by Mozart’s librettist Emanuel Schikaneder with the composer in mind, the theatre has witnessed a series of historic world premieres, including that of Beethoven’s only opera „Fidelio“. In January 2006 the Theater an der Wien was reopened as the new City of Vienna opera house and has since functioned as a stagione opera house. The programme includes opera ranging from Monteverdi and Mozart to modern composers and offers a new premiere every month. Four hundred years after William Shakespeare’s death in 1616, the season 2016/17 at the Theater an der Wien focuses on operas connected to the work and the times of William Shakespeare. For further information, visit https://www.theater-wien.at/en/home
Christina Nasr
Tel.: +43 1 58830 1411, christina.nasr@vbw.at
Patrick Jahoda
Tel.: +43 1 58830 1412, patrick.jahoda@vbw.at
Twin City Liner
Cruise with the Twin City Liner to the most beautiful Christmas markets in Bratislava.
Very soon it is time again for punch and gingerbread. During Advent the TWIN CITY LINER takes you every Saturday, Sunday and bank holiday directly from Schwedenplatz in Vienna to the pre-Christmas decorated old town of Bratislava. Enjoy the unique Christmas atmosphere of the Slovakian capital, situated directly at the River Danube. Experience culinary delights - our special tip, typical and tasty "Pogatschen" as well as "Loksche" with goose fat and cabbage filling.
Departure from Schwedenplatz at 12:30 p.m. arrival in Bratislava at 1.45 p.m.
Return journey from Bratislava at 6.00 p.m. arrival in Vienna at 7.30 p.m.
From November 19th to December 18th 2016.
Round trip ticket on the same day only, price per person € 60,-
Phone Booking +43 (0) 1-904 88 80, mail: booking@twincityliner.com
Contact: Peter Stasiuk
Tel: +43 1 727 10 – 212, peter.stasiuk@centraldanube.at
Museum Hundertwasser at KUNST HAUS WIEN
The Museum Hundertwasser was founded by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, one of the most important Austrian artists of the twentieth century. The Museum Hundertwasser unites the most important aspects of his oeuvre and exhibits the largest collection in the world of his paintings, printed graphics, tapestries and architectural designs. Vienna’s first “green museum” also gives its visitors the chance to experience Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s visionary ecological commitment – he experimented with grass roofs and planted trees in building facades.
Contact:  Regina Holler-Strobl
Tel: +43 1 712 04 95-24, regina.holler-strobl@kunsthauswien.com
Buket Akkaya
Stalzer & Partner Public Relations
Dr. Alfred Stalzer
A-1040 Wien, Weyringergasse 17/2
phone: +43-1-505 31 00
fax: +43-1-505 31 00-16
e-mail: pr@stalzerundpartner.com




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